Terms of Connection

  1. The LL-IX clients connect to LL-IX network equipment at one or several points of presence.
  2. BGP protocols (IPv4 or IPv6) are used to exchange routing information.
  3. A participant is obliged to keep up-to-date information on the networks routing policy of his AS (Autonomous System) in the Internet Routing Registry (the Internet Routing Registry, IRR) RIPE, ARIN, RADB, AFRINIC, APNIC or LACNIC.
  4. The client is obliged to disable ARP proxy, Broadcast forwarding, Spanning tree, IP redirects, link layer protocols (LLDP, etc.) on the interfaces connected to the LL-IX Network, as well as protocols of equipment manufacturers initiating the sending of extraneous Ethernet frames (CDP, Layer 2 keepalive, etc.), the only exception is the LACP protocol in case of EtherChannel connection.
  5. LL-IX uses broadcast frame transmission restrictions (broadcast storm-control / broadcast rate-limit).
  6. The announcement of the following Ethernet frames is allowed: 0x0800 IPv4, 0x0806 ARP, 0x86dd IPv6.
  7. One port has one MAC address of the member associated with it.
  8. It is forbidden to announce the IX network to other AS, which are not the members of the IX.
  9. It is forbidden to announce default-routes, private networks (RFC1918) and full view.