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What are the peering policy types and requirements?

  • 6 months ago

Learn about the 4 peering policy types and operational requirements they may include. Read More

A brief overview of AS and ASN

  • 7 months ago

Let's take a quick look at two definitions: an Autonomous system (AS) and an Autonomous system number (ASN). Read More

3 Essential Reasons to Use Peering

  • 7 months ago

If you are still in doubt about the peering potential, read the three main reasons why you should start using it. Read More

LL-IX connected to EPIX Katowice

  • 8 months ago

Starting today, LL-IX members can enjoy peering facilities with a large number of EPIX Katowice participants!  Read More

Types of peering. What is right for you?

  • 8 months ago

Let’s consider the four ways you can establish a peering connection with another network. Find the description of each option and make up your own view on which type of peering will be the most appropriate for your business goals. Read More

LL-IX expands network with new PoP in Poland

  • 8 months ago

Exciting news! LL-IX has launched a Point of Presence in Katowice, Poland. See what new opportunities it opens up for our members. Read More

Meet new LL-IX members!

  • 8 months ago

We are glad to introduce to you our new members! Become an LL-IX member and enjoy a variety of benefits and attractive offers. Read More

Peering essence

  • 8 months ago

What is Internet Peering? Why is Internet Peering beneficial? Do you need to apply it to your business? Let’s go into details. Read More

LL-IX connected to AMS-IX peering platform

  • 8 months ago

Let's go through why this news is exciting and how connection to AMS-IX - the world’s leading Internet Exchange point - will benefit LL-IX members. Read More

What is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP)?

  • 8 months ago

Are you debating on whether you should connect to an Internet Exchange Point? Learn more about the way an IXP works and what are its benefits in our article. Read More

First PoP launched in the Netherlands

  • 8 months ago

Meet LL-IX. Learn more about the concept of our project and take advantage of LL-IX’s first PoP launched in Haarlem, the Netherlands! Read More